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The kitchen, washroom, and "servant" quarters were located separately or at the back of the main building.The traditional black peasant dwelling is a two-room rectangular structure with a pitched thatched roof and walls of braided twigs covered with whitewashed mud or crude wooden planks.

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The major ethnic division is that between whites and blacks.

This is followed by a light meal of bread, fried plantains, or fried dumplings and a hot drink early in the evening.

A more rigid work schedule has forced changes, and now the main meal is taken in the evening. Along with "ground provisions" such as sweet potato, yam, and green plantains, it is used in African and East Indian ceremonies.

Since much of Caribbean life takes place outdoors, this has influenced the design and size of buildings, particularly among the rural poor.

The Spanish style is reflected in the use of balconies, wrought iron, plaster and brick facades, arched windows and doors, and high ceilings.Traces of pre-Columbian can be seen in the use of palm fronds thatch and mud walls (daub).

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